506 DELED Assignment 2 Question 2 Answer in English Solved

In this article, the assignment answer for the teachers who are dled with NIOS is given in english. In the second year, the assignment of course 506 507 508 50 9 510 is to be prepared. Here we have answered the question 2 of question 50 of the assignment 2 of course 506. From here you can read and prepare assignment.

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Question 02:-

Define concept of creativity. How will you develop teaching learning material for fostering creativity? Discuss the role of ICT in fostering creativity.

Answer:- Creativity is an ability to be innovative, unusual, to be different from others or equals. It is an ability to give novel responses, new answers and establish new relationships. The child may combine two or more unrelated words or ideas and give a new answer. The use of gadgets in novel ways is another way children express themselves. You may recall the funny answer given by your student in the class for example, when a teacher asked for the third eye and where it should be, a student said it should be in the tip of his forefinger. Similarly, when students were asked to think of a new machine, a girl said she wants a plant making machine.

When the teacher is interested in fostering creativity, he/she has to have lot of
patience, open mindedness, etc. and has to control his/her irritation, anger,
frustration etc.At times ,he/she may have to act along with the students, as though
he is also puzzled. The children must be given enough freedom to think, sit in
anyway they like, in other words he/she should learn to tolerate disorder in the
classroom. Torrance and Myers have given a few principles for the teachers who
wish foster creativity in children

  • Be respectful of children’s ideas.
  • Be respectful of imaginative and unusual ideas.
  • Show to the pupils that their ideas have value.
  • Encourage and evaluate the self initiated learning.
  • Tie in evaluation with causes and consequences.

The activities they develop or the instructional materials must have the following characteristics:

  • The activities must lead to a number of possible responses.
  • The activities must be open ended.
  • The activities may have a catch in them, so that it helps the students in
    flexible thinking.
  • The activities can be for developing the individual abilities, like fluency,
    flexibility, originality, inquisitiveness, persistency, elaboration and sensitivity
    to problems, etc.
  • The activities may not be immediately implementable but still, they are of
    value to us in the classroom.
  • You can collect a number of puzzles, riddles, mystery plots and divergent
  • thinking questions and keep them ready to use in the class.
  • The activities must develop imagination and they must not insist on a
    stereotyped behavior.
  • The activities may be from the models developed by creativity researchers.
  • The activities may be extension of the lesson in the text and hence become
    topical in nature.

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Many ICT tools are available which could be used by a teacher in the context of  developing creativity .Some of the tools immediately available are black board, poster, charts, audio cassette player, overhead projector, and sometimes computer.Each of these could be made use of while presenting the activities mentioned above . For example back board/charts could be used to present a picture on which a story required to be written by students, on a audio cassette a partial story could be recorded and played in the class and asking the students to complete a story. Many figures could be had on the computer screen which is some what abstract, and students can be asked to interpret them. Many puzzle and riddles are available on the websites, which can be solved individually, without asking for anybody’s help.Mystery plots and divergent thinking questions can be posed by the computers with pictures, so that students can understand the problems well and answer them creatively Morphogical synthesis can be worked on the computer, where details of the parameters can be worked out and details can be combined to arrive at a novel response. These are only a few suggestion and many more can be worked out by the teachers based up on his creativity in using the ICT tools.

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